Woodstock Public Library Mobile Website

The Woodstock Public Library's new mobile site displays mobile friendly content that visitors are most likely to want to access from a mobile device. Entering the url mywpl.ca on a mobile device will automatically redirect visitors to the mobile site found at m.mywpl.ca. When visiting the mobile site for the first time, the visitor has the option to add an App button for the m.mywpl.ca site on their home screen, allowing them to access m.mywpl.ca in the future with one click.

The mobile site template was designed to follow the look and feel of the full site with branding, colours, typography and imagery. A mobile specific menu can be quickly expanded or closed on each page of the site and allows visitors to quickly navigate to the content they are interested in. The full site is available to view at any time by simply clicking on a link found at the bottom of each page.

From m.mywpl.ca library patrons have the ability to access a mobile friendly version of the Bibliocommons system where they can search the catalogue, renew books, place a hold, check fines etc. The Location and Contact page includes an interactive map, allowing visitors to navigate their route to the library using their phone's built-in GPS system. Clicking on the Library's phone number will allow the visitor to dial the library from their mobile device. A mobile friendly version of the Library's Event Calendar was also incorporated.

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